Making taxes stress free for our clients is our goal.

Krist F - Honolulu, HI


Robert was able to help me so much with my tax situation. He helped me amend my federal tax returns working as an independent contractor. He was was able to get me refunded for over payment of taxes!
He was able to look at my paperwork and work magic!
What a blessing
RP Tax is a clean, bright, and friendly facility and Robert will be honest with you and explain to you the ins and outs of anything tax related! He really knows his stuff

Debbie K. - Kapolei, HI


We've been coming here for the last 3 years to do our taxes. We are so pleased and satisfied with with their services!

Calling them up to schedule an appointment is easy to do, they were very accommodating when I've had to schedule on the weekend. We go to our scheduled appointment drop off our paperwork ( I have my own business) and in about a week he calls us to schedule an appointment to sign our returns and have them electronically filed.

Robert and his wife Jane are the owners and run this business and make it so easy and painless. We are even charged less than we had been paying at our previous tax preparers office.

I highly recommend getting your taxes done here! 

Daniel W. - Honolulu, HI


Four years later, I still continue going to get my taxes done with RP Tax Service.  They continue giving me excellent service and I'm glad to see their growth ever since my first visit to them!
I've since gotten married and bought a small apartment, and even they upgraded to a larger office!

Because I've been going to them for the past few years, getting my taxes done is even faster and simpler than ever!  Usually my visits last less than an hour, and half that time is just spent talking story with Robert and Jane!  I honestly look forward to catching up with them each year!

I'm pretty sure I've asked Robert the same questions I ask every year, but he always remains calm, friendly, and kindly answers them!  All the good reviews that they receive, and continue to receive, are well-deserved!  I still recommend them anytime someone asks me who does my taxes!  If you choose RP Tax Service, you can't go wrong! 

Lamar J. - Honolulu, HI


Coming here was the best idea ever for my wife and I! We tried turbo tax due to all the funny commercials. We tried and did not get the results we were looking for. Found this place on yelp, saw the reviews and figured it wouldn't hurt to try. I must say that we are much happier and had a considerably less stressful experience coming here. He explained after he was done in thorough detail what we are getting back, what we have to pay and why. They are so nice and comforting and we will definitely return next year. 

Will M. - South Lake Tahoe, CA


 So happy we found a nice and reasonable priced place to do our taxes! Robert and Jane made it quick and easy. We will definitely be coming back next year! They are very accommodating to people in the military or people that have moved within the year! Overall we are very satisfied with our experience! 

Kevin B. Southeast - Las Vegas, NV


First off, I would like to say that my wife and I are extremely thrifty and had initially looked into doing our taxes ourselves online. After further investigation, it was obvious that our money with RP tax service would be well spent and we would get good advice.

Robert and his wife are professionals who really take the time to talk with you and answer any questions you have. I'm guilty of being a little chatty at times, and they were both extremely helpful and knowledgeable regarding my personal tax situation (which includes 2 businesses).

It was nice to be able to communicate quickly and efficiently with them via email, instead of trying to do a lot of phone calls or constantly have to meet in person. They are very tech savvy, and are set up to help you remotely if you are short on time (as I often am!)

The price was also extremely reasonable. As I had mentioned above, this was a big concern for us, and we were pleasantly surprised with the cost of getting all of our taxes done with Robert. We will be recommending to family and friends, as well as other business owners who don't have time to make several trips into an office.