General Checklist

Please print out all of your documents and have them ready when you come to your appointment.  Be prepared with totals for each item.  Please bring your social security cards and for each person listed on your file.  It is important that we see the correct spelling of each persons name and how it is listed on their social security card when we are working with you for the first time.   

General Taxable Income
___ W-2 Form(s) for Wages, Salaries, and Tips
___ Interest Income Statements: Form 1099-INT & 1099-OID
___ Dividend Income Statements: Form 1099-DIV
___ Sales of Stock, Land, etc. for Capital Gains: Form 1099-B
___ Sales of Real Estate: Form 1099-S
___ State Tax Refunds: Form 1099-G
___ Alimony Received or Paid
___ Unemployment Compensation Received
___ Miscellaneous Income: Form 1099-MISC

Retirement Income
___ Retirement Income: Form 1099-R
___ Social Security Income and Railroad Retirement Income: Form SSA-1099

Business Income
___ Business Income and Expenses
___ Rental Income and Expenses
___ Farm Income and Expenses
___ Form K-1 Income from Partnerships, Trusts, and S-Corporations
___ Tax Deductible Miles Traveled for Business Purposes

Tax Credits
___ Child Care Provider Address, I.D. Number and Amounts Paid
___ Adoption Expense Information
___ Foreign Taxes Paid

Expenses and Tax Deductions
___ Medical Expenses for the Family
___ Prescription Medicines and Drugs
___ Doctor and Dentist Payments out of pocket
___ Hospital and Nurse Payments out of pocket
___ Tax Deductible Miles Traveled for Medical Purposes
___ Home Mortgage Interest from Form 1098
___ Real Estate Taxes Paid
___ Personal Property Taxes Paid
___ Charitable Cash Contributions
___ Casualty and Theft Losses
___ IRA Contributions
___ Student Loan Interest Paid

Tax Estimate Payments
___ Estimated Tax Payments Made with ES Vouchers
___ Last Year's TaxReturn over payment applied to this year

General Information
___ Copy of Last Year's Tax Return
___ Social Security Numbers for You and Your Spouse
___ Educational Expenses for You and Your Spouse
___ Dependents' Names, Years of Birth, and Social Security Numbers
___ Dependents' Post High School Educational Expenses
___ Child Care Expenses for Each Dependent
___ RoutingTransmit Number (RTN) (For direct deposit/debit purposes)
___ Bank Account Number (BAN) (For direct deposit/debit purposes)

Please have all of your documents removed from their envelopes and ready to be reviewed.  Please feel free to call our office with any questions. 808 946 7297



     Small Business - Self Employed 

Schedule C Expense Worksheet (pdf)